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Urban Digital Asset VIP Group

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The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes, new investors make when investing in Crypto Currency

---And how knowing these will make you a lot of money, even if you never invested before (#3 will really shock you)

Crypto currency is here and it’s not going anywhere

Go on social media and you see tons of posts of people highlighting 5-6 figure profits off crypto currency investments

Even celebs and top wall street funds are now getting on the crypto train

This makes the new investor want to dive in

Unfortunately, many follow the hype and they wind up getting involved because a coin was trending

Then they wind up losing money! (sometimes big money)

What they don’t realize is they are making the 3 biggest mistakes that new investors make

The elite investors don’t want you to know about these

Once you know these, you’ll make significant profits

And not be shaken out of your position as result of fear tactics

At this point you may be wondering, what are these mistakes?

Before we dive in, let us tell you

If you made any of these, it’s okay

As long as you learn from them, you can bounce back and still make a lot of money

Mistake #1 - They invest off of hype!

Many new people get invested in different coins as a result of what they see on social media. Even famous celebrities are making tweets saying “I invested in XYZ because I was tired of missing out”

There’s a saying in investing, if everyone is talking about it

Then it’s probably too late

When you buy off hype, you’re essentially buying at an all time high price.

The key to investing is to buy low and sell high.

When everyone else is chasing a coin

You want to already have money in it

That’s how big money gets made!

Mistake #2 - They try to do it alone

Many new investors gamble with their own money by trying to invest without the proper guidance

At most some will watch a few biased YouTube videos, then try to get rich off a couple of coins

They have no plan, no exit strategy, no profit target

They just blindly throw money in and hope that they get rich

This is a recipe for disaster

Yet many do this

Don’t learn from the school of hard knocks

Get the help from coaches, join a community of like minded people, and get properly trained on how to invest the right way (we got you covered here)

Doing this will make you more money faster than you trying to figure it out alone

Mistake #3 (mind blowing) - They let fear tactics from the big money investors scare them out of their positions

Unfortunately, market manipulation happens

Big money will pull funds out of coins to drop the price and scare retail investors out of their positions

Then when the price is low, they’ll throw even more money in to drive the price back up even higher

Also, media outlets who secretly hold crypto

Will strategically put out bad news to drive the price down, shake people out their positions

Then buy back in

This is why having mentorship is clutch

Knowing the games that get played by big money investors and the media

Means you can play the same game

When they drive the price down, you can add to your positions

Meaning much bigger profits the next time the market pumps

The ones who don’t get help, repeat this following cycle

Buy at all time highs, panic sell when the market dumps, lose money

Rinse and repeat

Now that you know these mistakes, you’re already ahead of 80% of the new investors

You may be asking, this sounds great but

➡“How do I find a mentor?”

➡“How do I know which coins are legit and which ones are hype?”

➡“Where do I find a legit crypto investing community?”

Great questions and your answer is right here

In our VIP discord channel we put together an amazing community

Designed to help you with everything you need to know about crypto

As a member in this group you will learn

✅Exactly what coins experienced investors are making (get the alerts in real time directly to you phone)

✅What are good entry and exit points for solid investments

✅How to make extra money simply from buying coins off certain exchanges

✅Developing news and projects before the masses hear about it

✅How to make money, even if you’re just a beginner

We saw a need to help people get in this space and we put together the best resource for crypto investors to collab and make money together

➡Within the channel you get access too

➡Coaches who have 6-7 figure portfolios

➡A supportive community of like minded investors there to help each other

➡Live weekly specialized trainings with our coaches

➡Call outs of the exact investments the experienced investors are making (we do the hard work for you)

Literally at your fingertips you’ll have access to everything you need to make life changing money with crypto currency💯

All you have to do is join the family

Click the button to join the #1 Digital Assets Discord and we’ll see you on the inside

We are not licensed, financial advisors. All posts and videos in this group are intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. You should not buy, sell, or invest in any asset based on what we say in these posts/videos. You should know that investing carries extreme risks. You could lose your entire investment. This is not trading advice, and we are in no way liable for any losses incurred!!!


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